Comes in a foam sleeve! "The music of Goodiepal et cetera is often described as emanating from playgrounds, fairgrounds and other surreal grounds. Yet that image is wrong. The significance of his music is found in other constellations: It is the sound of death. Though death in the form of play. This music reveals only a single aspect of itself. We can hear the sounds it secretes, but not the world in which they are grounded. They are the remnants of a form of life in which only the signs are preserved. The things for which they stand are gone, never to be found. If this is folk music, it is the music of an extinct, unknown culture. Only their sounds linger on, sounds that do not belong anymore. Worldless music, speaking only of death. These creatures, these images, inhabiting the sounds of this music or the music of these sounds, are not, not at all, sports of nature, but the nature of nature itself. Putting that notion into play is the real achievement of Goodiepal." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| STAALPLAAT | 14.90

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