"A key character in this permanent dedication to chiptunes is Anders Carlsson from Sweden. He has been an active member of the demoscene for almost 15 years and known under the name of GOTO80 for almost a decade. Always driven by the everlasting challenge to compose music for the best C64 demo. His knowledge of the sonic core of the C64, the legendary SID-Chip, is awesome. Just as exceptional are his musical intuition and his stilistic variety, combined with his technical skills. MADE ON INTERNET brings together 11 of his recent works showing the full scope of his production work. Next to pop examples of a humorous kind of nerd culture (MICROCOLORADO, ERROR ENERGY), we find a classical Chiptune, composed along the common paradigms of video game music (TV-GAMER). Carlsson puts swaying Jazz arrangements (MÖLNDAL BY NIGHT, HAPPY DAZE) before Sinatra-esque pathos (SWEAT BURN TOUCH FEEL). In between he takes a glance at the 80s (OUT OF WAY), and in CYKONYS and AFTERNORM (the lattest only composed with the SIDChip; you can find it in the HVSID-Collection) he sets two examples of what GOTO80 is able to do with soundchip technology, when he opens up for atonality and lets technology speak for itself. Friends of hardcore stuff will love BEST OF THE WEST, and finally we go on a day trip to the world of the land of 8 Bit Data Dub with the smart title I'VE FORGOTTEN MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW. As a particular bonus this CD holds an datapart, including four Videos and his personal karaoke machine made in collaboration with the spanish Design-Duo ENTTER." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| PINGIPUNG | 10.90

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