"Rising from the ashes like a phoenix is Grant Evans, shedding his recording moniker of Nova Scotia Arms, to reveal his true self. Musically, Evans has shifted his focus, casting a courser sonic texture across his flowing rivers of sound. Jewels From The House Of Worms is Evan's contribution to A Guide To Saint's 'Cassette Diaries' series, a collection of momentary musics - recordings made in short periods of times - be that a day, a week or a little bit more. Evans delves deep into visceral washes of caustic sound, droning phrases and throbbing pulses of electronics. At its heart though beats a reflective, outwardly considered aesthetic. Each shift, each sonic gesture conducted with absolute intent and control. Each edition of Jewels From The House Of Worms is hand assembled, hand sprayed and hand screen printed by the fine folks at 7th Disaster." (label info) back in stock
in stock | AU| 2012| A GUIDE TO THE SAINTS | 7.90

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