"ťLA DEMEURE; il y a peril en la demeureŤ is the opening to a five-part complex of works by artist grischa lichtenberger. ťLA DEMEUREŤ - the residence - could be outlined as intimacy, a symbol of isolation and its possibilities. the joy of being isolated and having the change to work, explore and most importantly, experiment free from economic, temporal or social restraints is the center of attention of ťLA DEMEURE; il y a peril en la demeureŤ. the single tracks on ťLA DEMEURE; il y a peril en la demeureŤ and their components are constantly broken, disassembled and reassembled again. some parts may remind of hip hop and breakbeat, others may evoke associations to a broken music box, something mechanical that is not working as it should. in his very own way, grischa lichtenberger is examining limits, new experiences and unfulfilling expectations. this unfilteredness and rawness, the lack of a target group the music is made for, is what is fascinating about this record. ťLA DEMEURE; il y a peril en la demeureŤ thus becomes a luxurious-kafkaesque collection of materials, an uncensored archive of a seeker. ťLA DEMEURE; il y a peril en la demeureŤ will be released on CD and accompanied by three vinyl EPs that will put the experiment in relation to the public. the five-part cycle will be completed with a second album whose focus will be on ťIL Y A PERIL EN LA DEMEUREŤ - danger in delay." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| RASTER-NOTON | 16.90

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