"Playing on the same scene as bands like Amon Duul and Can, German prog rock band Guru Guru was formed in 1968 by one of contemporary musics most talented drummers, Mani Neumeier who, in addition to playing drums, was also the bands vocalist / frontman. By the time this album was recorded in 1972, bassist Uli Trepte had left the band to play with Neu! and Faust and was replaced with Bruno Schaab of Night Sun (the stellar German prog metal band). This early live album, recorded in Wiesbaden, Germany in front of a crowd of dedicated fans, is essential listening, featuring two extended tracks, the 28-minute "Oxymoron", and the 23-minute Guru Guru classic "Baby Cake Walk"." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | RU| 2012| B13 | 21.90

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