Hans Eklund has set the order of the mass to music in one of his largest works: eight movements in which the choir plays an essential part together with two solo voices (soprano and baritone) and a powerfully expressive orchestral section. Hans Eklund is the musikantisch composer who has always stressed the uncomplicated joy of all playing and creativity, while at the same time being open to the power of music to express the very saddest and heaviest of human feelings - the power perhaps most forcefully articulated in his "Requiem". Participating artists: Marianne Mellnäs, soprano; Rolf Leanderson, baritone; Stockholm Catheral Choir; The Stockholm Motet Choir; Norrköping Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Gustaf Sjökvist (label info)
in stock | SE| 1992| PHONO SUECIA | 8.90

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