"Crouton weeps with joy over this new release featuring Steve Hess, percussion; Jeff Klatt, cello; Jon Mueller, percussion; and Matt Turner, cello. Together they form 'Hat Melter', and quite literally too, as their names suggest. Although beyond the coincidence of the selective letters of their names, this group also combines elements of each others' instruments to create a record of rich, vibrant sound - loaded with the texture of strings, and the melody of percussion. Strange, yes, and so is the record. The initial recordings were captured in a live setting. The cello work of Matt Turner, who is regarded as one of the world's leading improvising cellists (as featured on Meniscus, Stellar, O.O. Discs, Asian Improv, Rastascan, Geode, and Cadence), is top notch, and is complemented wholeheartedly by vibrant cellist and recent composition graduate Jeff Klatt. Steve Hess and Jon Mueller, known Chicago and Milwaukee area percussionists, play harmonies with their cymbals, and grind Styrofoam through box fans. Two side long tracks, each with no name. This pressing will be an edition of 300 hand numbered copies on DMM, 220 gm virgin black vinyl, housed in a cardboard jacket and over wrapped with a printed paper strip." (label info)
in stock | US| 2003| CROUTON MUSIC | 13.90

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