HATI VS. Z'EV - #1 (CD)

"Here the sound-qabalhist melt some raw audio-materials provided by HATI in order to condense 50 minutes approx. of AL-chemical sounds. HATI are a great Polish duo playing inspired psych-ambient soundscapes mixing gongs, metal discs, aluminium bars with wooden pipes, animal horns and trumpets.Z'EV, who is very well-know for his percussive music skill, edited and treated Hati's tracks those were originally recorded in 2003. His rhythmajickal remix created structures with a long range of mystical drones. This album is well-recommended to true experimental magick-percussive industrial music-lovers!" (label info) special offer.
in stock | UK| 2006| ARS BENEVOLA MATER | 7.90

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