"Editions Mego is proud to release Articulaçăo Sintetico - a complete resynthesis of Hecker's 2014 Editions Mego album Articulacao. A meticulous reconstruction and transfer of qualities, Articulaçăo Sintetico features synthetic voice models of Joan La Barbara, Sugata Bose and Anna Kohler, a DBM sparse replica of non speech content and a scattering transform of Modulator (...meaningless, affectless, out of nothing ...). Uncanny Valley 2.0. Written and produced by Florian Hecker, 2014 - 2017. Text "Nature, its man and his goat (Enigmata of natural and cultural chimeras)" by Reza Negarestani. Auditory Chimera Software by Bertrand Delgutte with Jayaganesh Swaminathan; Pointillistic Speech Toolkit by Gerald Kidd, Timothy Streeter, Antje Ihlefeld, Ross Maddox and Christine Mason; Asymmetric Sample Replacement Algorithm by Tommi Keränen; Synthetic Voices designed by Rob Clark, Christophe Veaux, Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh; DBM Sparse Decomposition Algorithm by Bob Sturm; Scattering Transform Algorithm by Vincent Lostanlen." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2017| EDITIONS MEGO | 9.90

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