"Prepare yourself for a liberation of your senses. prepare for an irresistible taste of the 50s in all of it's sonic sci-fi glory because this caravan of sound is where head music really began! For a period in 1955, Henry Jacobs, the grandmaster of left coast zen surrealism and coveted experimental filmmaker jordan belson convinced san francisco's fledgling morrison planetarium to allow the duo to put on the vortex experiments. a fully rotational surround sound and vision show premiering strange audio collages of works by famed composers takemitsu, stockhausen, berio and countless ethnic field recordings with weird, tripped out oscilloscope flicks, excerpts from belson's classic allures, and other kaleidoscopic visuals to a regularly sold out, packed crowd of local residents. Electronic kabuki mambo presents the first digital reissue of the original 1959 folkways lp in its entirety. features notes culled from the original vortex programs, never before published photos and other ephemera." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| m-/m-| LOCUST | 10.00

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