"Imperial Teen's Will Schwartz is on a mission to take over every dance floor in the country! In his new band, Hey Willpower, he teams up with fellow SF electronic musician Tomo to create a heartfelt and exciting take on soul, pop, and r&b without a trace of irony. If Usher and Justin Timberlake had an indie background, they would be Hey Willpower! They will make you pray for a JJ Fad reunion and for Michael Jackson to dominate radio again. Complete with back up dancers, one of the most uninhibited performances around, and shows with Le Tigre and the Scissor Sisters under their belt, the band has garnered critical acclaim and rabid fans in the US. Now, they're ready to take it worldwide with their debut album. Says Will, "It's a pop art project that brings the mainstream to the punks, transgresses the idea of what a pop star is supposed to be, and holds a mirror up to popular culture only to re-imagine what's reflected back."" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| TOMLAB | 13.90

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