""Kumo no Ito (The Spider's Thread)" (1977). In 1977. I started the project of a musical piece for a female narrator and 4-channel electronic sounds with the text of the well-known Akutagawa novel. I worked with the hand-made analogue synthesizer which had been installed two years before in my home studio in Tokyo. Needless to say, the editing task was proceeded without the digital machines. I worked with the recorded tapes together with the scissors and the splicing tape. It was the resonance adding apparatus that I operated the resonance which was very important as sound effect. "Chaos" (1966-2012). In 1966 I composed a piece of concrete music titled Taiyo-fu (Solar Wind). It was to be staged as a performance of Tokyo-based Mieko Fuji Dance Company. The dance performance participated in the National Arts Festival of Agency for Cultural Affairs. The stage concept was to create a new modern dance, which suggest that the sun would be perpetually pouring all the energy of light, heat and wind to the earth. I made the music by manipulating the materials of the recorded instrumental sounds, not of the concrete sounds. Thus I created out the seventy minute stage music. Fifty years have passed and the digital technology is now easy to access. But I remember the process of my manual operation and I can't wipe the commitment to the music of Taiyo-fu. Nevertheless, I think the music is too monotonous to be appreciated without dance. So I re-constructed a piece with the sound materials of Taiyo-fu. The basic idea concerns the cosmic world and the title of the piece is Chaos. This Chaos comes from my illusion about the primordial universe." (H.Minami)
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