"HOTOTOGISU, the duo of UK experimentalist MATTHEW BOWER (SKULLFLOWER, SUNROOF et al.) and New York-based- guitarist MARCIA BASSETT (DOUBLE LEOPARDS, ZAIMPH, GHQ). BURNING STAR CORE, the trio of drummer TREVOR TREMAINE, ROBERT BEATTU on electronics (both of whom also play in HAIR POLICE) and C. SPENCER YEH on violin and electronics, are more overtly propulsive, usurping 'classic' rock form via electronics and drums but still focused on momentum, on the jam as a form of structural gravity, on the the perfect reconciliation of both tendencies, of Hototogisu's obsessive layering of strata after strata of violently conceived noise and of Burning Star Core's epic, post-Kraut thunder-punk style." (David Keenan)
in stock | US| 2008| YIK YAK | 18.90

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