"Stem Stem In Electro is a gorgeous collection of songs painted in psych-rock tones and timbres, minor key progressions, and unsettling invocations of haunted transcendentalism. The opening track, with its trance-like group chorus of 'we climb to the light,' is akin to a cultish hymn, with Maya's guitar howls and washes underscoring the disquieting downwards chord structure. This sets the stage for 'Blood On The Sun,' a chilling ballad delivered in Maya's otherworldly voice, like a sedated Daniel Johnson or Wayne Coyne. The trip continues with a delicate instrumental and the tremulous swing of 'Folkways Orange,' which would not be out of place on a more sparkly orchestrated Devendra Banhart record." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | CA| 2005| CONSTELLATION | 11.90

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