"The line-up for the third remix EP includes a great deal of diverse music. It starts with Powell (Diagonal Records) doing a great beat-driven rework of Half A God. It has been mastered by Matt Colton @ Alchemy Mastering. The A side is closing with The KVB doing a post-punk rendition of Cherish 8. Cherish 8 is also remixed on the B side by Vessel of Tri Angle/ Young Echo fame. The last remix (of NCR) is signed by UK enigmatic industrial/dubstep Bandshell. Ike Yard was originally a quartet comprising Michael Diekmann, Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton and Fred Szymanski. The group are active again after a 28 year hiatus sans Szymanski, their most recent album is 2011's Nord and they are currently working on a final album. Artwork by Stephen Americh, inspired by the Factory America design for Ike Yard." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2014| DESIRE RECORDS | 9.90

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