New studio Ilitch 5th album, after PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE (1978), 10 SUICIDES (1980), HORS TEMPS/OUT OF TIME (2004) RAINY HOUSE (1978-2005). In fact, LENA'S LIFE & OTHER STORIES can be really see as the suite album to 10 SUICIDES. It's beautilly composed in short tracks, as an electronica-screaming-melodies-trip full of guitar: indeed this album shows Thierry Muller returning to his first instrument! And LENA'S LIFE & OTHER STORIES is absolutely the ultimate "spirit-Ilitch-sound" album which includes some of Thierry Muller's best song! With the collaboration of Nicholas Littlemore (Teenager, Pnau,.) and featuring Mami Chan, Patrick Müller, Roco, Laurent Saïet, Franckie del Tango. (label info)
in stock | FR| 2006| FRACTAL | 16.90

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