"Imbogodom, the duo of Daniel Beban (Orchestra of Spheres, Slakes) and Alexander Tucker (Grumbling Fur), return with their third limited edition LP, Metafather, the final installment in the BBC Bush House trilogy. Metafather was recorded in summer 2011 during the final days of Bush House, as the building was undergoing the process of decommission. The duo pulled tape machines from the wreckage of abandoned studios and set to work to create a new set of radiophonic song-smithery and quarter-inch tape works. Situated in Aldwych, central London, Bush House was the BBC World Service hub for over 70 years. With its Orwellian architecture and labyrinthine corridors, this historic building served as the perfect location to tap into London's hidden ley lines and unlock its sonic secrets. As the city erupted into riots and warehouses blazed outside, Imbogodom plugged into the heart of the disquiet to create a varied collection of brooding tape work anthems for a dystopian Albion. As the last fragments of magnetic tape dust are vacuumed from the deserted studio floors, Imbogodom release Metafather, conjuring the ghosts of Bush House and concluding their trilogy." (label info) vinyl only, comes with download code
in stock | US| 2013| THRILL JOCKEY | 16.90

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