"The soundtrack to this 1969 German sexual comedy was produced by Improved Sound Limited, showcasing their killer blend of experimental pop, blues, rock, jazz, funk and easy listening, augmented with tape effects, phasing, distorted guitar... Groovy songs influenced by 60's beat and psychedelia. The Wah Wah reissue adds two bonus tracks to the LP, originally both sides from Improved Sound Limited's debut single in 1966, plus an extra bonus EP featuring four songs from other soundtracks they did for TV series and films between 1969 (their single containing two songs for the Der Betten Student film) and 1973 (including two songs from Krempoli, directed by Michael Verhoeven). Newly mastered sound by Jörg Scheuerman. Comes complete with an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited to 500 copies only." (label info)
in stock | ES| 2012| WAH WAH RECORDS | 21.90

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