12" comes in unique recycled lp cover and is limited to 147 copies. a din a4 infosheet is fixed with a red round sticker which sealed record-cover on top also. "there won't be darkness. there is. what's to be found on this 12" put on the circuit via the hamburg-based imprint hafenschlamm records is a flash back in time into dark grey era of the late 70s and early 80s which saw the rise of the so-called ingenious dilettantes, an experimental, partly protoindustrial movement of musical amateurs creating sound out of nothing, based on tape loops, found objects, selfmade non-instruments and other stuff, a conceptual musique concrete that - in its very best moments - neither followed rules nor structures, capturing a zeitgeist of nuclear war scenarios and communist angst. this is what's to be felt whilst listening to the a-side of this one, an incite hu live recording from a show at the golden pudel club that sounds like a crack-driven sleepover with unit moebius and vatican shadow, building dark'ish layers of industrial noises, numb rhythms and non-rhythmic feedbacks mixed up with jazzy tones and nightmarish vocal fragments. on the flip there are two version of the anti-song "arsch brennt" which might work experimental industrial floors well when they're based in rotten basements and filled with ecstatic, hard spanking people, dancing and leaking with salty sweat." (nitestylez)
in stock | DE| 2013| HAFENSCHLAMM REKORDS | 12.90

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