"Descette is an album based on old, half-forgotten cassettes and tape loops. Such inspirations usually mean long, decaying pieces, the dust of nostalgia and sombre meditations on memory, and Isan do manage to tick a couple of those boxes occasionally. Most of the album is surprisingly upbeat, even chirpy. It retains some of the glitches and hesitancies, but the remembering is joyful. Isan take delight in re-discovering something they almost forgot was there to be discovered. It's easy to forget that sometimes that ambient music can be fun too. Descette, with its block-coloured artwork and its light, cheery electronics is an unashamedly fun album. It might not all be pure happiness (it certainly isn't sickly) but it avoids the weighty emotions that concern much experimental music. It might not quite be danceable, but you can sure nod and sway a bit to it." (label info) one-sided EP, limited to 200 copies, screen-printed cover, with download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| SECRET FURRY HOLE | 11.90

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