"Tokyo playwrite, director and artist J A Caesar sprang to prominence in the early 70s largely through his work with Shuji Terayamas Tenjo Sajiki Theatre, specialising in vaguley sinister music reminiscent of a Hammer House Of Horrors soundtrack. The Kokkyou Junreika release, often considered Caesars finest work, was culled from the 5 hours of music written for the original play distilled down to an albums worth of ageless chants, Budhist mantras, heavenly invocations and fuzztone guitar vamps supported by Caesars droning electric organ and the eerie female vocals of Yoko Ran, Keiko Shinko and Seigo Showa. An album that sits comfortably alongside early Ash Ra Temple, Cosmic Jokers and ATEM-period Tangerine Dream. Those that like their music with a healthy dose of gloom, look no further!" (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| PHOENIX RECORDS | 23.90

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