"Probably one of the most underestimate artist of electronic of the early '80, has been lately rediscover. Expert modulator of electronic and natural sounds, with this work Emmanuel seems to recall and reflect exstensively on that poetics of the cyclic and mantric sound investigated by other pioneers as Terry Riley and La Monte Young. The micro-tonal pattners of the compositions are animated by dense and minimum pulses that amplify the hypnotic and meditative dimension and can be coloured by tibetan suggestions or guitar glissandi of nocturnal taste. Flows and reflections of sounds define abstract landscapes but remain always a deep referent with the nature and its micro-cosmic variations. In this way the "Echoes from ancient caves", originally appeared only on tape, is ideally connected to the previous experimentations of "Rain Forest Music (1981) and Wizards (1982)." (label info) recorded in 1980/81, comes with download code
in stock | IT| 2014| BLACK SWEAT RECORDS | 19.90

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