"Long deleted, this is the legendary spacey, funky, and wonderful album by Jana Koubkova! During the 60s and 70s, the Iron Curtain prevented most of us from hearing some of the fantastic sounds that were cooking in Eastern Europe - where obscure jazz funk combos were grooving away in styles that were very different than those heard in the US and Western Europe. There's no easy way to describe the music, because it was so varied and inventive but this excellent set of 10 rare Czechoslovakian tracks should go a long way to filling in some of the gaps in this lost history! Many of the tracks on the set have a fantastically baroque sound - sort of a mix of MPS crossover styles, and David Axelrod-type "big picture" production ventures - and they begin with wild washes of sound that soon settle into a harder funky groove. Keyboards collide with voices mix with guitars punctuated by drums sealed with basslines - and the whole thing's chopped apart by some funky frenetic sax work. That's only part of the picture, though - and although we can't come up with the words to describe the set adequately, it's one of the freshest compilations we've heard in years, filled with excellent grooves to take our listening to a whole new level!" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2002| m-/m-| EM RECORDS | 28.90

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