"Our world is continually in transition. Technologies drift into obsolescence as others push to fill some potential consumer gap, and these in turn influence the way we process and occupy our media saturated environment. At midnight on December 1st 2009, Liverpool's analog television signal was switched off to the five terrestrial TV stations, paving the way for a purely digital paradigm. It marked the end of an analogue era that began in 1936. There to capture and frame this cultural shift was sound artist Janek Schaefer. The edition follows on from the original installation, which was commissioned as part of his retrospective at The Bluecoat, in Liverpool city centre. A condensed collection of 24 hours of found sound, forming a seething ocean of data from that final days broadcasting. Voiceovers, incidental music, current affairs reports, commercials, dead air, sports commentary, film dialogue and other broadcast detritus are reshaped into a comprehensive concrète collage. A sound portrait of a single day, that speaks for a lifetime." (label info) Edition of 40 Artist Multiples - Appropriated TV remote control containing 24 hour (1000xMP3) album, on USB circuit board.
in stock | AU| 2011| ROOM40 | 49.90

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