"An Index Of Failure is the final Jasper TX album. It is all new works, born from remnants of old failures, song fragments, ambitious attempts... yet after this mosaic of soundscapes has had time to age and resurface, mastermind Dag Rosenqvist has breathed new life into them, reshaping, adding, extending, building, and in the end, reconciling all of the many textures and pioneering sounds he has crafted over the seven + years he has been working as Sweden's premiere dark multi instrumentalist, shifting from minimalist electro acoustic composition to enormous swells of gaze and layered post rock density. The final album, the final index of failures, is proof that there is indeed beauty found in our progressive ambitions. Edition of 500 LPs on silver 180 gram vinyl, matte jacket, full color innersleeve with printed signature of mastermind Dag Rosenqvist in liner notes." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| HANDMADE BIRDS | 21.90

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