""Etude IV: points-lines-landscapes" (1979): This work is designed as an all-electronic piece without considering any configuration with soloist parts for later use (unlike the two following pieces featured on this CD). It was realized by Jean-Claude Eloy in 1979 on the CEMAMu's UPIC upon Iannis Xenakis's invitation to whom this work is dedicated as a friend. The UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu) is an electronic tool invented by Iannis Xenakis in the 1970s. It is a graphic interface designed to create sound and compose music, whose first version featured a big drawing board equipped with a ballpoint electromagnetic pencil, surrounded by a computer and a monitor. Today, such operations are widely used by every computer whiz. However, in 1979 such opportunities were unique and, as Eloy said "... were like a miracle for the instrumental and orchestral composer that I mostly was". "...Of a Forgotten Star" (1986), electro-acoustic part alone from Sappho hiketis. Originally, this work was part of Anâhata but did not end up in its final production. The basic material is exclusively made of prerecorded sounds from metal percussion instruments (sampled in 1984 in the early stage of the production of Anâhata with Michael W. Ranta, Asian Sound, Cologne). "The Great Wave..." (1991) (a tribute to Hokusai), electro-acoustic part alone from She (from the Gaia-Songs cycle). This work was originally realized to fit into Erkos but was not used in the final production. This work was completed in 1990-91 at the WDR Electronic Studio of Cologne." (label info)
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