"Early Nights can be seen like a music box of musical and nocturnal atmospheres. Musician Jean D.L. guides us on this album through a collection of fragments, pieces of recollection collected over a period of 7 years. The music, both recorded live and at home meanders between improvisation, experiment, drone and ambient guitar, exploring and dialogue with the places where it came to be. Jean D.L. develops a universe at once intimistic and noisy, made of hazy soundscape. Jean D.L. has worked in solo but has also collaborated with the likes of Zbigniew Karkowski, Mauro A. Pawlowski, Teun Verbruggen, Jozef Van Wissem, Justice Yeldham, Paul Labrecque, Anla Courtis, Jozef Dumolin Trio (feat. Eric Thielemans & Trevor Dunn), Damo Suzuki Network and more." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2014| SUB ROSA | 13.90

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