"SUPERMOLL is back with its first solo-artist 12" release after two very hot and versatile various artist discs. The dada-techno and porn-performance ninja JEANDADO throws in three fantastically crafted tracks that demonstrate his very dark sides. The release opens with DAVID UND SOPHIE, an utterly melancholic and hopeful love anthem spiced with a healthy dose of grunge. Following up comes GNAZ who lives in a deep and gloomy house cave and eats female filter vocals for breakfast. Eventually we end up in the cave's basement, where GRWZ happily opens up the screaming doors to abyss. How sinister can dance music get before it becomes the film score of your personal thriller? Only LUDWIG ZIBELL can save us from eternal pain with his kraut-italo blessed remix, closing this spectacular release. The volume is strictly limited and enumerated by hand from 1 - 150. Cover illustration by Lena Klein." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| vg+| SUPERMOLL | 6.00

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