"Jefrey Leighton Brown, founder of ComLib's own Evolutionary Jass Band and former key participant in Jackie-o-Motherfucker, steps forth with his fantastic debut CD. This singular musical statement is as much a manifesto asserting soul-jazz's place in today's underground, as it is a document of Brown's individual songwriting vision. "Change Has Got to Come" might seem an anachronism to some, even more marginal still for being an isolated beam of Blues light in a major-key, indie-rock world. All the way down to its revolutionary, hopeful title and austere, homespun presentation, Change is a purposeful, careful reinterpretation of 70s-era, introspective avant-jazz and obtuse, small-town R&B. But in inimitable Community Library style, this album is far from being a simple exploration of retro-fantasy. Brown brings his signature swinging-but-casual sensibility to classic composition, as well as unusual, sparkling instrumentation (including vibraphones, sitar, electric bass, deeply layered, multi-tracked saxophones, and vocals). Most importantly, Brown wields a sense of angular deconstruction that brings his songs into high-contrast, modern expressions of tension, calm, and urgency." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 10.90

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