"Soul Music consists of six pieces built from monotonous percussion and bent analogue synthesizers. Pulse is central to these works. Taking inspiration from acid house, primitive trance music and 1960s downtown NYC minimalism, Soul Music is music from the skull of Joachim Nordwall. This is his soul music, and its path is circular, rhythmical and intense. Joachim Nordwall runs the iDEAL Recordings label. He is a founder member of The Skull Defekts and also plays with Alvars Orkester and Oceans of Silver & Blood. His last album, Ignition, was published by Ash International in 2011. A recent collaboration with Mika Vainio, Monstrance, was just released on Touch. Edition of 200 copies. Mastered by Jacques Beloeil." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| ENTR'ACTE | 16.90

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