CAGE, JOHN - A Cage Of Saxophones 2 (CD)

"Ulrich Krieger follows up his successful A Cage of Saxophones 1 volume with the second installment of Cage works for saxophone(s), spanning a period of over 50 years. For this volume, Krieger combines works specifically composed for saxophone with works of no specified instrumentation that are suited for saxophones and winds. This CD collects three rarely heard early works, all written without indications for specific instruments. Krieger has arranged them here for his ensemble of saxophones and other instruments. For the middle period works, Krieger has excerpted the solo instrumental parts related to saxophones from the scores to Concert for Piano and Orchestra and Atlas Eclipticalis -- Cage permitted the option for the various instrumental parts to be performed as solos. The late works are covered by Two, originally composed for flute and piano, here premiered in the Cage-sanctioned version for saxophone." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| MODE | 17.90

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