"Sometimes important records are released. This is one of them, no doubt. John Duncan is expanding his universe on "Bitter Earth", his new album and the first one where he performs songs, singing songs. And he does is brilliantly. His voice is a voice that has been around and the music is timeless stuff touching jazz, blues, gospel and old timer music. Everything has a John Duncan shadow, it is dark stuff, but very beautiful." (label info) including cover versions of Gun Club, Nina Simone, Iggy Pop, The Four Tops and Pere Ubu, feat. Oren Ambarchi, Leif Elggren, France Jobin, Tom Recchion, Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O'Rourke, Chris Abrahams and many more. White vinyl, edition of 500 copies
in stock | SE| 2016| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 19.90

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