"John Tejada throws the dance music world a real curveball, sliding past his critically-acclaimed 2003 minimal techno scorcher Fairfax Sake on Playhouse to deliver an all-digital album. Somewhere between the funk of Matthew Dear or Luke Vibert and the pragmatic minimalism of Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin, Logic Memory Center caters to those who like their techno upbeat, modern, and tight. Tejada imbues Logic Memory Center with an air of breaking stylistic ground like Detroit gods Kenny Larkin and Juan Atkins -- by shaping elemental electronic sounds and archetypal rhythms into otherworldly, infectious dance music. Verily, Logic Memory Center is a step beyond even the most accomplished techno albums, conveying a thematic wholeness that often gets lost in our modern downloading frenzy."
in stock | EU| 2004| PLUG RESEARCH | 14.80

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