ZORN, JOHN - Classic Guide to Strategy Volume Three: The Fire Book (CD)

"50th Birthday Celebration Volume Nine. Jim Pugliese, Okkyung Lee, Jamie Saft, Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, John Zorn. Two outrageous compositions dating from 1978 in brilliant realizations by some of Zorn's most illustrious longtime collaborators: the gamecall-hocket etude Hockey and the first release of his genre twisting game piece Fencing. Both were to be recycled many times in future Zorn compositions from Cobra to Cat O'Nine Tails and are part of the foundation of Zorn's compositional vision. Also included is his rare and striking solo performance, The Classic Guide to Strategy: the saxophone as you've never heard it before. Zorn's unique saxophone style is a microcosm of his entire body of work, and this set of improvisations are some of his best." (label info) special offer
in stock | US| 2004| TZADIK | 9.90

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