YUASA, JOJI - Background Sound in Textile Pavillion of EXPO '70 (CD)

"In the EXPO '70 in Osaka, many avant-garde artists were participated in architectures, space design, environmental design and sound works. Espacially in Textile Pavillion ('Sen-i Kan' in Japanese), most remarkable experimental event "Space Projection 'Ako' " for multi-channel tape music by Joji Yuasa and image projection by filmmaker Toshio Matsumoto was carried out. And also in the pavillion, background sound for several space and objects were composed by Joji Yuasa. Electronic sound on track 3, modulated sound made from marimba on track 6 and indetarminate composition for three electric guitars on track 2... are these music for 'background' really?" (from liner note)
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2011| OMEGA POINT | 18.90

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