"The most illuminating composition on Contes de la mémoire is Newark Airport Rock (1969), for which Appleton approached travellers and asked them "What do you think about the new electronic music?" Out of the sondry reactions Appleton created a dynamic collage of voices that he set to spiky jazz. The first track, San Francisco Airporft Rock, reprises this experiment twenty-seven years later. The CD also includes Dima Dobralsa Domoy (1993), which tells, through a variety of organic and electronic tones, the tale of one Russian's search for home. Appleton expands on a pet theme namely, the political oppression of artists in the CCCP. But the most subversive track on this compilation is probably Chef d'oeuvre (1967), a jingle for Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee performed by the Andrews Sisters, and distorts it with vocoders and various other effects, resulting in a wildly delusional aural document that at once celebrates and lampoons classic Americana." (label info)
in stock | CAN| 2008| EMPREINTES DIGITALES | 12.90

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