"Recorded in a 110 degree room after a nearly sleepless 17 hour drive. Yet, the material on this CD has nothing to do with that. Here, Bhob Rainey perfects the form of transforming the saxophone into a metal tube, Jon Mueller plays snare drums with a home stereo system, and Jim Schoenecker sits across the room and stares at you, creepily. Meanwhile, Boston was melting under the relentless sadism of the sun. For the musicians, this recording involved discovery, survival, and Dustin Hoffman. Its organization was the direct result of caffeine and unemployment. For the listener, it might very well be the impossible made possible. For in this recording lies a sense of urgent contact; a message understood, yet surely incredible to decipher. Happy faces appear on food items. Inanimate objects come actively to life." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| CROUTON MUSIC | 13.90

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