"Several tracks on Jon Hassell's City: Works of Fiction feature dense electronic textures that are more fragmentary and aggressive than his prior work. However, the many polyrhythmic grooves on City are clearly reminiscent of Power Spot and point to the upcoming hip-hop of Dressing for Pleasure. Throughout City, Hassell's unique brand of exoticism prevails as he weaves his processed raga trumpet amidst a dazzling array of digital samples and electronic percussion, electric bass and guitar, and Masai voices from Kenya. As with all of Hassell's best work, his processed raga trumpet remains the focal point from which his highly imaginative musical conceptions emerge. On City, Hassell's trumpet bridges the new rhythms, textures, and technology to his futurist/primitivist Fourth World aesthetic. In the hands of lesser artists, these seemingly disparate worlds would collide. On City, Hassell transforms his unique imaginary music into aural realism." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| ALL SAINTS | 23.90

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