"After Jon Mueller's ridiculous novella Pianobread, released on Crouton in 1999, we are pleased to announce this new textual endeavor in collaboration with visual artist Kaveh Soofi. Endings brings together two different forms that describe an identical path. Neither revel in the final destination, but skirt carefully around the edges just prior to, leaving the ultimate understanding to each reader. Mueller's writing and Soofi's illustrations are like brother and sister, both revealing versions of the same story, but in doing so, reveal an even greater mystery. In reading these twelve short stories and viewing the following drawings, something is surely communicated via this collective means, but the identity of that point is far beyond what can be described. Endings is about something that's right in front of you, but you surely don't know what it is. This release is limited to 250 numbered copies as an unbound book housed in a sealed heavy kraft box. The pages, of which there are 33, feature black text and b&w illustrations printed on 80# Cougar Cover. An accompanying audio disc plays a continuous ending." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| CROUTON MUSIC | 21.90

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