oodiscs #2, features the music of Korean-American composer/performer Jin Hi Kim and composer/double reed virtuoso Joseph Celli in five works that seem to cross the borders between new, experimental and world music. This was the initial No World Improvisations release by the duo about which FANFARE MAGAZINE wrote, "...one hears the Kim-Celli duo engaging in expectations across uncharted space, neither sure about where they'll land, but both so very secure in what they're doing that wherever it is, it's going to be remarkable terrain. This is very tough-minded stuff." On this disc Jin Hi Kim performs on the traditional Korean komungo, the changgo and the world's only electric komungo which she co-designed. Joseph Celli performs on the oboe, English horn (without reeds), Indian Mukha Veena, and the revolutionary Yamaha WX-7 midi breath controller. This instrument allows Celli to control various electronic storage devices, such as a computer, with his breath in performance! (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 1990| OODISCS | 4.90

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