Judy Dunaway, balloons; Yasunao Tone & Dan Evas Farkas, electronics. From the performance lofts of lower Manhattan since the early 1990s, Judy Dunaway has forged a new and insistent musical voice with her trademark family of musical instruments -- balloons. Into an amplificaion system she strokes them with mositened hands and inflates them and deflates them to form rhythms and shape irregular melodies. In her notes to this CD, Dunaway describes the development of her balloon techniques and also speaks passionately about the magical powers of latex to seal, protect, hold breath, and spark imagination. In an era when it is difficult to be truly unique, Judy Dunaway succeeds at communicating a personal and powerful new art. (label info)
in stock | US| 1992| COMPOSERS RECORDINGS INC. | 9.90

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