"Kane Ikin is most well know as one half of Solo Andata alongside Paul Fiocco who have released critically-acclaimed albums on Hefty, Deisre Path, and 12k. Solo Andata's music goes to deep, dark places and is often made with homemade and found tools. Contrail marks Kane's debut solo release outside of Solo Andata and while the same sense of dark, warm space is present he returns to his roots and focuses more on shoegaze guitar experimentations, lo-fi sample manipulations and warped field recordings. He recorded everything through and onto old technology - aged analog consoles, reel-to-reel tape - and all heard through a hazy science fiction filter. Contrail comes packaged as a limited edition 7" pressed onto clear vinyl and includes a download card for the two vinyl tracks as well as two additional songs, thus creating a 4-song EP. The jacket is a heavy-weight chipboard stock printed with one PMS ink in the style of the previous 12k 7" releases." (label info) Numbered edition of 300 copies
in stock | US| 2011| 12K | 8.90

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