KASAI ALLSTARS - Congotronics 3 - In The 7th Moon (CD)

"Using a spectacular mixture of traditional acoustic instruments, electric guitars, distortion-laden thumb pianos and soulful vocals, Kasai Allstars is a collective revolving around 25 musicians all based in Kinshasa, DR Congo, but originating from five different ethnic groups, each with their own language and musical tradition. Kasaď Allstars' music is powerful and sophisticated, driving and raw. Compared to Konono N°1 (whose minimal and effective sound has been massively adopted by the international electronica, world music and alternative rock scenes), Kasai Allstars use a broader array of instruments & textures, and wilder, more complex, polyrhythms. They often sound like some kind of retro-futurist primeval rock band." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2008| CRAMMED DISCS | 18.50

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