TOMOKAWA, KAZUKI - Yume Wa Hibi Genki Ni Shinde Yuku (CD - USED vg++/m-)

"Title translates as 'Dreams Die Blithefully Day By Day'. Commemorating 25 years of unheralded existence for this unknown lyric poet/artist/betting tipster/folk-singer maniac. Tomokawa first emerged, with Kan Mikami, during Japan's underground folk boom of the early 70s, and has remained as a uniquely uncompromising obscure figure ever since. This is his ninth record for PSF, and features him in alternately introspective and insane screaming modes, with the accompaniment of longtime collaborator Masato Nagahata and legendary free bassist Motoharu Yoshizawa. Tomokawa possesses one of the most distinctively human voices and approaches anywhere. Maybe the fact that he sings equally convincingly in English on a couple of tracks on this record will finally gain him some long-deserved attention outside of Japan." (label info)
in stock | JP| 1998| vg++/m-| PSF RECORDS | 18.00

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