"With his last two successful albums, the first album yupi released in April of 2003 and the second epitaph released in May of 2004, he showed his talent to initiate an astonishing fusion of rich acoustic and electronic sounds and field recordings and immediately caught listeners' attention in and outside of Japan. After a tour in Japan and in the East Asia and collaborations with world standard and Shione Yukawa, he released the first full album in 22 months. The graceful ensemble of various acoustic instruments: the keyboard instruments such as the piano, the glockenspiel, the vibraphone and the marimba, the stringed instruments such as the violin, the cello and the guitar, the wind instruments such as the clarinet and the trumpet and the drums. Somewhat melancholic vocals and poetry reading. Scratching noise gentle to the ears. He arranges these diverse musical elements and does deep space processing of sounds for his orchestra full of elegant and universal illumination, which is unbearably beautiful. Gllia, in which kazumasa hashimoto shows his talent as a new generation composer by developing his own style and revealing a rather personal aspect, is undoubtedly his masterpiece at this moment." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2005| NOBLE | 17.50

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