"Vinyl edition of this stunningly beautiful album of fragile and haunting Korean folk from Kim Doo Soo that was issued earlier this year on CD by Japan's consistently incredible PSF label. Kim Doo Soo's first major appearance outside of Korea was through the Damon & Naomi curated 'International Sad Hits' compilation featuring 4 tracks from Kim. This was followed with PSF releasing his first new record in 5 year, 2007's superb '10 Days Butterfly'. On 'Evening River', Kim has re-recorded some of his finest songs from his past records the recordings are largely focused on just Kim's fragile voice and sublime guitar playing and harmonica, but at times Kim is accompanied with several additional musicians instruments, including synth, cello, accordion, guitar, horn, bass and backing vocals. The songs and re-recordings are superb, capturing perfectly Kim's laid back guitar playing and his fragile vocals, somehow mixing psychedelic blurs, with traditional playing with melancholic turns. Edition of 500 copies, pressed on 140gram virgin vinyl housed in gatefold sleeves including an 8 page lyric book with Korean and English lyrics and colour photographs of Kim." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| BLACKEST RAINBOW RECORDS | 27.90

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