"With ťZERO MUSICŤ KLARK NOVA release their second Album on NOTA FALSA. The Band started in 2002 as a sextet presenting a heavy Cut'up'n'Paste style crossing any musical border from Death Metal to Country music. This first KLARK NOVA line-up disbanded 3 years ago. In spring 2009 the 3 core members reunited with a new bass player to reflate the music, adding a more song-oriented flow to the compositions and allowing improvisatory parts - while minimizing the style mix just a little bit to attain a more focussed musical unit. Somebody put it like this: ťImagine a Mrs.Bungle-owich leaving Eastern Europe for holidays in Germany, visiting Amon Düül and Can.Ť. The Album was recorded in Aachen and at Planet Roc in Berlin." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| NOTA FALSA | 12.90

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