performed by Klangforum Wien; 'blue gene' tyranny: the hibernation of the mollusks (die ueberwinterung der mollusken) (1996-99) is the collective title given to four chamber compositions, similar in nature, which may be performed together as a set or separately: 'der weg des prinzen i (die sieben boten)' (the path of the princes i [the seven messengers]) (1996) for flute, saxophone, mezzo-soprano, viola, two percussion, and accordion; 'die drei spiegel der schoenen karin' (beautiful karin's three mirrors) (1998) for solo acoustic bass; 'cetvs candidvs' (1996) for trombone, flute, strings, saxophone, percussion and clarinet; and 'der herr der inse'l (the lord of the island) (1999) for solo flute. most of these pieces are characterized by almost inperceptible amplitude, extremely quiet at times, soft textures and attacks, open spatialization of sound (and highly reverberant recording spaces), sustained overlapping tones, and slow emergence of sound events. in 'beautiful karin's three mirrors', short tubby quasi-random, but gestural bass bowings alternate and overlap with gentle sustained harmonics. tiny percussive tones continues throughout 'cetvs candidvs' as groups of low bass tones and beautiful high harmonic clusters alternately assemble and disperse. various forms of blowing streams of air through the flute, of tuned flipping of the keys, of simultaneous humming and blowing, etc. are techniques that create the mysterious flute textures of 'der herr der insel'.
in stock | AT| 2000| DURIAN | 15.90

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