"After almost two decades on the microphone and six released solo Albums LST da phunky child 's musical alter ego Konda Unstruct comes into play. Influenced by American Boom Bap rap of the last twenty years, the present electro sound and the rhythm of city life an instrumental album of positive, progressive attitude has emerged. Eleven tracks of concisely synth melodies cutting spherical sound carpets to final merge with bone-dry drums and crackling vinyl samples from the MPC. Because of the lovingly detailed song arrangements and clever use of vocal samples you won't miss any rap or Singing Parts over the whole length. The album is available as a digital download. 150 vinyl collectors also have the opportunity to buy a 7inch, with 4 tracks from the album. Each hand numbered on dark colored vinyl in two tone silk screen printed sleeve." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| ROUGH REMARCS PRODUCTIONS | 9.90

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