Stephen O'Malley (strings, fx, amps) and Peter Rehber (goscs, apps, drives). Written, recorded & mixed by Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg at Fort du Murier & Vienne Wintergarden, Grenoble July 2006. Mastered at Piethopraxis, Köln, August 2006. 'Threatening new collaboration taking in parallel worlds of Extreme Computer Music and Black Metal. KTL is Stephen O'Malley (SUNNO))), Khanate) and Peter Rehberg (PITA).A six part collision amongst the increasingly fading prescences between the light and the dark. This work came about as the two were composing sound and music for a piece by Gisčle Vienne and Dennis Cooper, entitled 'Kindertotenlieder'. It must be stated that this CD is NOT the soundtrack to said piece, but a separate project. However, elements may appear in the finished piece which is to be premiered in Brest, France, March 2007. Pieces were recorded in a resistance fortress in southern France during a thunderstorm. Others in a wintergarden drenched in the sunlight.' Cover by SOMA. (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2006| EDITIONS MEGO | 14.80

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